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Please request a forums account as described on this page before going to the CSEC RA Forums.  

New Forums System

As members may know, the CSE Retirees Association Forums, previously hosted by YUKU, were merged into a new facility hosted by Tapatalk.  After review, we decided not to use the new system due to some shortfalls in the way it functions.

We have created a new facility on our own website that will replace the forums.  This is based on a bulletin board system called MyBB, and functions in a similar manner to the YUKU forums.  The main difference is that it is under our direct control.  Logins to this system are restricted to CSERA members only.

The forums are grouped into categories such as Association Information, Association and CSE Events, In Memorium, Travel and Dining, and General Discussion.  Some categories are maintained by the forums administrator, while others are open for members to post their own information for viewing by other members.  While a few postings from the YUKU system were migrated to the new system, for the most part we are starting over.  That means we need members to participate and add some new content.  We encourage members to login and create their own postings about travel, dining, activities, and any other topics you may believe would be of interest to members.  You can also look up the list of members, the Newsletters, and minutes from executive and annual general meetings.

How to get a new Forums Account

In order to login to the new forums system, you will need to apply for a logonid and password.  Send an email to the forums administrator at cseraweb@gmail.com requesting an account.  All we need is:

  • Your full name.
  • The email address you want your account to be associated with.  This must be the same as the email address that is known to the Treasurer, for identification purposes.

We will create your account and send you your new logonid and password, along with some instructions about using the new system. The web team suggests you change your account password after your account is activated.

Please take the time to read the CSERA Forums rules and regulations topic, located in the "Association Information" category. Rules and regulations for participating in a forum are common on the internet, and are generally designed to make the experience pleasant for all members.


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