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Welcome to the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) Retirees' Association

The CSE Retirees' Association (CSERA) was formally launched on October 8, 1998 by a group of retired CSE employees. Other retired members of CSE were identified and contacted to gauge interest in forming an association. Following a largely positive response, the association was launched. Subsequent elections were held to form an executive committee. By late 1999, a set of bylaws were drawn up by the executive and the first quarterly newsletter was published and mailed to the membership.

As constituted, the CSERA is a private non-profit organisation independent of the CSE. The role of the CSERA is to enable current and future CSE retirees to maintain contact with former colleagues. As part of this process, the CSERA executive maintains and distributes a Membership Directory and advises of and/or sponsors social and recreational activities of interest to members. Members are also advised of issues such as changes to pension and other benefits along with CSE related events and developments.

For further information on CSERA membership including eligibility, membership form and annual fee please see Membership section.



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