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CSERA Membership Eligibility

Membership in the CSERA is open to all retirees and future retirees of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). A retiree is defined as an individual who has retired from CSE and draws a Government pension regardless of when or where pension eligibility was earned. For example, another Government agency, the RCMP or Canadian Forces.

Applications for Associate Membership may be submitted by individuals who left CSE in good standing but did not retire from CSE. Honorary Membership may be granted to retirees of other government agencies who had a close working relationship with CSE. Associate and Honorary Membership will be considered by the Executive Committee on a case by case basis.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the CSERA you will receive a copy of the annual Membership Directory and will have the opportunity to participate in CSERA and CSE sponsored activities. You will also receive a Quarterly Newsletter containing articles of interest to retirees and updates from and about CSE. Members will also be granted access to the CSERA Forums located at cseretirees.org/forums

Membership Fee

The current Membership fee is $10.00 and is paid annually to cover the calendar year 1 January to 31 December. The fee can be paid by cheque made payable to the CSE Retirees' Association.

Applying for or Renewing your Membership

You can download a membership application form here, or you can send a request to cseretirees@gmail.com to obtain a copy by mail or email. Your completed application should be printed and mailed to the Association address listed on the form. At this time we do not accept membership applications by email. Using this form for renewing your membership is useful when your membership has lapsed or if your personal information has changed since last year.


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